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  Rangkaian Produk Serigama & Luxor


Penyembuhan  Semulajadi.

 Barangan penjagaan diri dan makanan kesihatan yang berasaskan gamat dan spirulina. Sekarang dimajukan  untuk keperluan zaman moden. Produk-produk  Serigama mengandungi formula semulajadi yang telah melalui  kajian sains dan telah dikenalpasti keberkesanannya oleh  Bahagian Penyelidikan Perubatan Universiti Malaya, terutamanya untuk mengubati luka, meringankan gastrik, sakit dan asma, bahkan juga dapat menghasilkan kulit yang cantik. Pelbagai kajian tentang gamat juga dijalankan oleh  universiti  universiti tempatan dan luar negara. Isi kandungan utama dalam  Serigama adalah jenis Gamat dinamakan sebagai Stichopus  Variegatus.

Spirulina - 5 jenis zat utama terdiri daripada Zat Galian, Vitamin, Lemak, Kabohidrat(Serat dan Polisakarida) dan Protein.

Manakala 4 jenis pigmen semulajadi terdiri daripada BetaKarotena(Anti  Barah), Klorofil(Pembuangan Toksin dan Meningkatkan  sistem pertahanan badan), Xantofil(Anti Barah) dan Fikosainin (Merencat pertumbuhan sel barah)





Luxor Tongkat Ali Ginseng  Coffee.

Luxor's Tongkat Ali  Ginseng Coffee is a 5 in 1 coffee made from Tongkat Ali and ginseng  extracts, coffee, sugar and non-diary creamer.




Luxor Coffee with American Ginseng

The blend made for the coffee connoisseurs. Coffee with American Ginseng is the ideal coffee to perk up your senses, every time and anywhere.





Luxor  Quencher

Luxor's  Quencher is made from Kiwifruit Concentrate and is especially rich in Vitamin C and minerals. It contains more nutrients than any other  fruit juice and is an ideal supplement for your daily diet.


Slimming And Dieting Product
Luxor has introduced a healthy and weight-loss Diet programme which uses the combined  benefits of 4 main products, namely Spirulina, Chitosan, BC100 and  Ex-Hifi.

It comes with an easy to read and follow "Luxur  Healthy Weight-loss Handbook which contains the following:
1. How to use Luxor Health Weight-loss Diet by D.I.Y?
2. How to  successfully reduce your weight?
3. How to overcome your  psychological barrier?
4. A tailor made weight-loss programme containing 10     weight loss recipe, exercise,  calorie values and many     others.

Luxor Ex-Hifi

Luxor  Ex-Hifi is formulated with vegetable and fruit fibre including oat, wheat and bamboo, fructose, dried tangerine peal, licorice, Roselle  powder and HCA citric Acid.

According to various clinical  studies done in USA, a high fibre diet reduces the formation of fatty acid, suppresses appetite and minimizes the generation and storage of fats.

Some of the benefits of consuming Luxor's  Ex-Hifi:

1. It reduces  the urge to eat more food.
2. It cleanses the intestine, remove toxin and heavy metals while promoting blood circulation.
3. Helps the formation of glycogen in the liver thus improves the energy level and stamina.
4. Improves the skin condition so that it looks healthier and luminous.
5. Inhibits the transformation of excessive carbohydrate into fats which reduces lipid formation.

Luxor  Chitosan

Luxor's  Chitosan is made from Polysccharide Chitin which is a natural high  polymer found in the exoskeleton of crabs or shrimps. It is the one and only edible animal fibre which contain a positive change which inhibits the absorption of fats and removes them from the body.

Some of the  benefits of consuming Luxor's Chitosan.
1. Strengthens the immune  system.
2. Reduces the storage of heavy metals in our body.
3. Regulates the nervous system and endocrine system.
4. Enhances the liver function.
5. Lowers blood sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure..

Oral Care

Serigama Gamat Toothpaste

Luxor's Oral Care range consists of two unique toothpaste formulations, the Serigama Gamat toothpaste and the Sugi toothpaste. The Serigama Gamat toothpaste is made with extracts of Gamat or sea cucumber and  is known to help mouth ulcer to heal faster besides promoting dental  hygiene.


The Sugi toothpaste is especially formulated for the Muslim market as it is made from extract of "Sugi" or Siwak, Rose, Clove, Lemon and Mint.  The active ingredient "Salvadorine' is anti-inflamanatory, promotes wound healing, hyperaemic, astringent, antiphlogistisch and  influences the circulation and venous circulatory system. It can  also be used as a mouth wash for Muslims before prayers.

Home Care

Luxor's MA 20  Laundro Queen Powder Detergent and Liquid Detergent

Luxor's MA20 Laundro Queen Powder Detergent and liquid detergent is a unique and  environmentally friendly formulation that gives your clothes and bedspreads a powerful wash and care in one go. Its color-protective and stain-removing formula contains enzymes and surfactants that remove dirt and
oils from fabrics while a host inhibitor further protects zips, metal buttons and your washing  machine.


Luxor's  Bio-magnetized R.O. (Reversed Osmosis) Purifier

adopts the R.O.  process of water purification system that is probably the world's most efficient water purification system. This technology has been  used by doctors for hemodialisis and also used by space ships to recycle water. Luxor's Bio-magnetized R.O. has an added technology  incorporated in the system to Bio-magnetized water. Bio-magnetized  water reduces the molecular structure of water that helps it to  dissolve 3 times more oxygen thus enhancing the water quality and taste.



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