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Penjagaan Kereta


Treats engine metal, not the oilReduced wear and heat caused by frictionImproves engine performanceEnhance your motor oil to provide superior protectionReduce and save on fuel consumption

Treats the metal not the oil

Enhance your motor oil to provide superior protection

Tested and approved by SIRIM, Malaysia

Imported from USA

Improve power & easier ignition in the morningIncreases lubricating powerHas a more stable viscosity & a higher flash pointMaintain a cleaner engineProtect engine up to 10,000km before the next oil change

Especially formulated for tropical climate using the latest technology.

Meets and exceeds the performance requirement set by the Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE 2010/50) and The American Petroleum Institute (API SH/CD)

Some of the special characteristics are:  
  Improve power and easier ignition in the morning    
  Increases lubricating power

  Has a more stable viscosity and a higher flash point

  Maintain a cleaner engine   
  Protect your engine up to 10,000 km before the next
  oil change.   
  Imported from USA

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