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What is Vitaluxor deep-sea fish oil?
Vitaluxor is a type  of deep-sea fish oil. A capsule(1000mg) of Vitaluxor contains EPA, DHA and  vitamin E. It is non-saturated fatty acid needed by our body. Our body cannot produce EPA and DHA; hence we acquire them via food intake. Omega3 is important  to body cells, eyes, brain, heart, blood cholesterol, joint, skin and blood. It is also an important supplement for hormone disorder.

Why do we  need Vitaluxor fish oil ?
Everyday our body consumes EPA and DHA.  Deficiency will lead to ailments, such as skin, eyes and brain diseases, weaker heart and higher blood acidity. As a result, we have clogged blood vessels,  heart disease, high blood pressure and irregular blood circulation.

:: Old people have higher risk of having arthritis, skin disease and Alzheimer.
:: Adult may easily feel lethargic, weak and thickening of blood.
:: EPA and DHA deficiency will cause hormone and mentrual disorder in woman. Some may easily feel cold, have migraine,  early
:: menopause and face higher risk of having  uterus cancer and breast cancer. Breastfeeding mothers will have lesser breast  milk.

In short, Vitaluxor deep-sea fish oil is the best  health supplement to let you stay healthy.

Why should we replenish vitamin C ?
Air pollution, rising  temperature, work pressure has caused many to resort to rely on medication, smoking, alcohol and tranquilizer
to relieve stress. This leads to loss in vitamin C in our body. So, do we have sufficient vitamin C? If not, this may cause ailment. In early stages of vitamin C deficiency, we may have flu, our gums bleed when we brush teeth, we feel lethargic, our blood pressure drop and our capillary vessels easily ruptured (for example, bruise mark on certain part  of our body when we wake up from sleep). We may even have appetite loss and headache. Our skin aged with wrinkles. We tend to neglect such minor symptoms, yet the problem may cause greater illness, such as anemia, arthritis, and drop in red blood cells. High blood acidity is also the early symptom of high blood  pressure.

Vitamin C deficiency may also lead to further loss of irons and low  absorption of calcium. This further leads to osteoporosis and slow healing of open wound. Smokers need more vitamin C supplement as each cigarette can damage  up to 25 mg vitamin C, which is equivalent to 3 fresh oranges. Those who are on  long term medication, vitamin C supplement can help replenish vitamin C in their  body. Therefore, Esster-C is an ideal choice of vitamin C supplement for us.

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